Virtually below your means…

One of my pet peeves in marketing is the word “virtually”. It is used more often than you might think and it is designed fool people into thinking they are getting a better deal, savings, plan, whatever than they actually are. You hear it in commercials all the time:

  • “Virtually no claim forms”
  • “Virtually no down payment”
  • “Virtually no risk to you”
  • “Virtually cost free” defines “virtually” as:

vir⋅tu⋅al⋅ly   [vur-choo-uh-lee] –adverb
for the most part; almost wholly; just about: He is virtually unknown.

So now let me translate those offers that seemed to good to be true for you.

  • “Virtually no claim forms” – There ARE claim forms
  • “Virtually no down payment” – There IS a down payment
  • “Virtually no risk to you” – There IS risk to you
  • “Virtually cost free” – There IS a cost


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