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Having recently gotten more active in and blogging about it here and here, I wanted to do some digging around the web and see what others are saying.  The following are some of the better articles I have read:

  • Why will fail (June 2006) – Obviously, 5 years later Prosper has not failed, but its an interest read.
  • Why will succeed (June 2006) – Written by the same guy as above, another good read.
  • Wikipedia (Current) – The section on “Cash position and going concern status” is particularly interesting.  Long story short, Prosper is operating at a loss and plans to raise additional funding.  This is definately should be a concern to lenders.  This of course is one of the risks I raised in my previous post.
  • Prosper Blog note on the sale of bad loans (May 2008)
  • Google Chrome Extension for (January 2011) – I found this interesting.
  • Review Circa 2007 (March 2007) – One thing I have seen time and time again is that the overall quality of results have improved in recent years.  If you were a lender in 2006, 2007 or 2008 you probably lost money or broke even.  More recent loans seem to be doing better.  Of course all hell was breaking loose in 2007-2008 in the world of finance.  Time will tell if my 2009-2011 loans perform better.
  • Lending Club Review (Sept. 2010) – It is interesting to read how others are doing on Lending Club.  This post covers tips on loans to avoid.


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2 Responses to “ – Good links to read”

  1. Glenn G Millar

    Glad to see in your previous post that you are making between a 9-13% returns on your Prosper loans.

    You've posted many links about Prosper from 2006-2007 when Prosper's risk analysis was not as good as is today and lenders did not get the returns they may have expected.

    It would be great if you would post links to blogger / investors like yourself who have invested in the last couple of years as you have with the 2010 Lending Club article.

  2. ProVega

    Done, I just did a new post with links to more recent results.