Frugal Fail: You put that on your face?

It seems to be a pretty common Internet myth that inkjet printer toner is “the most expensive liquid known to man” or very close to it.  While it is indeed expensive, with HP Black # selling for $20.48 per 19ML or $1.05 per ML, there are definitely more expensive liquids out there.  This site, for example, has a great list of liquids ranging from almost free to incredibly expensive.

Fortunately, it would seem that things we need to sustain life are relatively inexpensive when compared to things we want for enjoyment and vanity.  Liquids that can save and prolong our lives range widely from very affordable (Penicillin) to amazingly expensive (Interferon).  This aligns nicely with the basic laws of supply and demand.  It also sometimes correlates well to the amount of effort, cost and energy it takes to produce the items.

However, if we take the Interferon and scorpion venom off the list, perfume and skin/eye/face creams are at the top, costing significantly more than things like blood, medicine, milk, oil and pretty much every other liquid you might buy on a daily basis.

We here at BYM don’t pretend to understand the qualities of such fragrances and creams.  What we do know is that they cost a heck of a lot and unless these creams are actually made from the virgin tears of baby pandas and clinically are proven to actually make you younger, we can’t see spending $1000 for 1.7oz or $20 per ML of magic elixir.  In defense of this cream, it does have the words “platinum” and “rare” in its name… so that does imply it has a great deal of value.  We would also like to call out that during our research we found that if the product has the word “serum” in it, it costs even more.  This gem alone is $21.50 per ML. 

The simple fact of the matter is that time stops for nobody and these creams and fragrances will not let you live another day longer.  Our recommendation is to stop caring how good you smell or how wrinkly you look and save your money.  Better yet, if you are rich enough to truly afford a $1000 an ounce of cream, perhaps you should consider giving a little more to charity or perhaps spend your money and the time you have left on unbelievable once in a lifetime experiences.   Even if you aren’t ultra-wealthy, if you want to live below your means, be very careful of “aspirational purchases.”  Sure you can pay for the $120 cream or perfume, but can you afford it? And if you can, do you want to?  Maybe you should get the $18 cream and put the $100 or so you save into memorable experiences or savings. 

Here is a more detailed chart of expensive liquids:

Just for fun, if you actually want to buy some pure scorpion venom you can go here and get it for $3500 for 100/mg.  For more information on the scorpion venom dosage I used, go here.

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