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Weekly Review – 4/18 to 4/23

There is a lot going on in the world today, after reading 100’s of blog posts across the personal financial blog-o-sphere; here is what we found interesting this week:

Living Richly – Spending money where it matters, enjoying living below your means

Frugal Tips – Saving money, great deals and more

Economics / Investing – What’s coming next

  • Silver continues to be unstoppable. Rising $4 more this week to almost $47, another $1 on Good Friday.  Silver is probably due for a pull back, as the chart appears to be going parabolic.  Parabolic blowoffs are never sustainable, but can run far higher and far longer than anyone expects.  Regardless, Ben and the Fed seem fixed on killing the US dollar in an attempt to devalue our long-term debt.  This means in the long run owning at least some physical metals is only prudent.  Speaking of which, why are pension funds taking physical delivery of actual gold these days?  Apparently they are fearful of a COMEX default.
  • Dollar testing long term lows – While talking about the dollar, the dollar index hit new lows this week, breaking the 2008 low of 74.2 and the 2009 low of 75.6.  It settled at 74.1 on Thursday, after going as low as 73.7.  There is pretty good chart support here around 74 from the consolidation we had back in early 2007, but if that breaks and the 2007 low of 70.69 doesn’t hold the US dollar could be in for a scary and disorderly drop.
  • Apple fails to see the light again? – Is it possible Apple will fall from grace for a third time in as many decades?  Andriod is not only outselling iOS, it is also going to surpass iOS in total devices very soon.  Now the US Army may be standardizing on Andriod.  On of the comments over at Engadget sums it up well – “exactly what Android does, it OPENS doors – where iOS (Apple) always decides to CLOSE them”.
  • QE3 coming?Really good article on Slope of Hope summing up the last years of Fed acts.
  • Max Keiser Documentary On Irish Eco Hell – This was all over the PF blogs this week, its a very interesting video and worth a watch.
  • S&P put the US Government’s credit rating of AAA on negative watch, warning they may downgrade it in the future.

Other stuff…

  • Weird stuff you can do with your pointsView from the wing has a fun write up on a CNN article on strange things to do with reward points.
  • Portal 2 was released – The greatly anticipated sequel to an incredible popular game came out this week.  So far, this game has a lot of the magic of the first one.  The new co-op mode is short, but a lot of fun.
  • Extreme Couponing and coupon fraud? – This is from 2 weeks ago, but we wanted to add it because it is a very interesting read.  It also has some good information on how coupons work.   Head over to Angry Cheapstake for more.
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