If you LBYM you will probably not end up on this show: Repo Games

Since the economic downturn, repossession or “repos”, of cars has been on the rise (and here).   Now, the same folks that brought us Jersey Shore (ugh) are at it again… exposing the desperate masses that are behind on their car payments and making them put on a show to “win” the title to their car.

We do not want to judge the contestants on this show, we can only imagine hardships they have endured and we have no clue as to what their particular financial situations are.  However, we feel it safe in saying that the rate of automobile repossession amongst those that truly and consistently live below their means is probably a lot lower than the national average.  We leave it to you to decide.

If you want to read more about shootings that have occurred during the filming of Repo Games click here.  If you want to read more about the show itself, go here.

In other interesting news on the topic, apparently airplane repos have been on the decline as lenders take a “soft approach” to people behind on their payments.

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