May 21 Dooms Day is good business

I personally, do not put much stock in these guy’s May 21st is the end of the world prediction.  But regardless of what you believe, it is hard to deny that doom saying has been good business for the folks over at Family Radio.  CNN Money has a very interest article on the topic: Doomsday church: Still open for business. They point out:

According to their most recent IRS filings, Family Radio is almost entirely funded by donations, and brought in $18 million in contributions in 2009 alone.

That’s big money, they also quote experts that value the company (church), at around $72 Million dollars – funded entirely by donations. This of course, is not the church’s first end of the world prediction.  CNN goes on to say:

Camping first inaccurately predicted the world would end in 1994. Even so, he has gathered even more followers — some who have given up their homes, entire life savings and their jobs because they believe the world is ending.

The article has a lot of other interesting points to read, including how most of the church’s employees don’t believe in the prediction and how the church’s own plans show they are at least hedging this prediction a little.

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1 Response to “May 21 Dooms Day is good business”

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    I think that there will also be an uptick in scams leading up to this day. I guess we’ll know something more at 6:01pm on Saturday. 🙂