Apple market cap now greater than MSFT + INTC combined

With Friday’s close leaving Microsoft (MSFT) down 1.45% to $23.87 and Intel (INTC) down 1.38% to $21.78.  The total combined “market cap” or market capitalization of Apple (AAPL) is now greater than that of Intel and Microsoft combined.  (Market capitalization is a measure of what all outstanding public shares of a company are worth.)

With a market cap of of approximately $317.6 Billion, the market is telling us that Apple is the second most valuable company in the world, second only to the oil giant Exxon Mobil (XOM).

The article notes:

With the Worldwide Developer’s Conference fast approaching (June 6th-10th), it would appear that Apple has nowhere to go, but up. As a result, according to Yahoo! Finance, the current market cap for Apple is $317.54 billion USD. Additionally, Yahoo! estimates that the 1 year estimated stock value per share will be at $448.33.

No doubt, the author is pretty bullish on the stock.  And why shouldn’t he be? After all, analyst James Altucher thinks Apple’s will be the worlds first $1 Trillion dollar company.  You can see this video here:

This same analyst is so confident and bullish, he actually raised his estimate again, not even 2 weeks later, to $2 trillion.

In the same video, he actually says $3 trillion is reasonable.  Your take is that if and when Apple’s stock does hit $1000, it will not be because Apple is able to sustain 90% year over year ad infinitum, but because the value of the US dollar will drop by 50% or more in the future.  If a dollar is worth 1/2 of what is today 5 years from now and nothing else changes at Apple, there is no reason the stock price won’t be $700 or more in nominal terms.

Regardless, I recommend Apple investors proceed with caution and consider setting some stop orders in place to protect any gains they have realized in the last couple years.  After all, the market may be due for a correction.


Apple surpasses Microsoft + Intel in market cap |

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