Below Your Means Zen: It Takes Hard Work

And now a Below Your Means moment of Zen:

While helping the tradesmen working on my house this week, I learned that they are having trouble hiring.  A lot of trouble.  “The economy is so bad, but nobody wants to work anymore.  They just want to make a quick buck.”  I heard this from more than one company.

Trades are noble pursuits.  Perhaps our economy is boom-and-bust because we have forgotten that the best way to create value is to bring something new into existence with our own hands.  Labor of any kind, but especially physical labor, is beneath no one, regardless of station.  How can you improve your life if you’re not willing to do what it takes to seize the opportunities in front of you?


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1 Response to “Below Your Means Zen: It Takes Hard Work”

  1. Niki

    This does seem to be a problem with lots of people these days. For some reason there is a stigma on physical labor.