Budget with Adaptu and Mint – One Blogger’s Review

With our current Below Your Means Basics focus on Budgets, we thought it would be interesting to comment on a few of the major pieces of tracking and budgeting software in the market today.  The editors at Below Your Means currently use Quicken Deluxe 2011 for all of our personal finance tracking and budgeting.  However, there are cloud-based solution such as Mint.com or Adaptu.  These have the advantage of having no software maintenance you have to do on your own computer, and they’re free, which makes them a great value.  If keeping track of some very complex financial situations is important to you, or you’re leery of having your data in the cloud, Quicken Deluxe may be worth it.

The Narrow Bridge Personal Finance Blog has a excellent review of these two products. If you are looking to jump into either one products, I recommend giving the article a read first.

Eric, over at Narrow Bridge Finance, reviews each product in the following categories:

  • Interface & Navigation
  • Account Management
  • Analysis and Reports
  • Investment Tracking
  • Community
  • Overall

Based on the review, both Mint.com and Adaptu are tied for first place, each having their own strengths and weaknesses.

I have used Mint.com for a long time and have no plans to leave it behind, but I now have two aggregators in my bookmark list. I use Mint for my overall quick view, but I have Adaptu for more in depth looks into my investment and my travel reward tracking.

I would recommend reading the full review to determine which site works best for you.  The Narrow Bridge also has other good reviews of Mint.com vs. Thrive and Mint.com vs. Pageonce.


Mint.com Alternative – Adaptu: The Showdown of Mint vs. Adaptu | Narrow Bridge Finance

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