Frugal Fail: Can You Put The Bags I Bought In a Free Bag?


Because we don’t measure ourselves by the quality of our trash bags

Not only are we into spending wisely and saving money, but we are also into saving the environment.  Unfortunately, I don’t see how fancy biodegradable bags do either.  For those of you that live in areas with community composting or yard/food waste pickup, you need some sort of of biodegradable bag to put your food scraps in.

You can buy 125 of these for $12.99 + tax from Costco.  This works out to about $0.11 a bag.  Or you could buy them from Amazon at about $0.15 a bag.  Either way this is a whole lot more expensive than the free brown paper bags you get at the grocery store.

Spare yourself remembering the “environmentally sustainable” canvas or recycled plastic bags (which you should wash frequently, by the way) and use the free paper bags for biodegradable compost and paper recycling.

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