Great Job, GE!

I love it when a company does what they say they are going to do.

My wife and I are remodeling our house and putting in a new kitchen.  We bought GE appliances, and at the time of the purchase they had a pretty good rebate deal – $500 back if you buy 4 appliances (which we did).  The forms to claim the rebate were pretty simple, but we had one problem.  The rebate forms had to be postmarked by a certain date, and because the kitchen wasn’t ready for appliances yet, we didn’t have the serial numbers to submit.  So, we filled in the forms as best we could and sent them (registered mail) by the postmark date.

A few weeks later we had a few of the serial numbers (but not all of them), and we received an email from GE’s rebate center saying there was a problem with our submission.  So far so good – at least they hadn’t thrown it in the trash.  When I called the 800 number, the person I spoke with was very polite and helpful.  It turns out because we bought the appliances from multiple vendors, they had multiple cases set up for us.  He consolidated all of our submissions onto a single case number and told me to call when we had all the appliances in house and knew the serial numbers.

Last week we got all the appliances and serial numbers, but before I made time to call, we received a $100 card.  I thought this was a bad sign… they decided our submission had gone too long and gave us the 2-appliance rebate amount instead of the 4-appliance rebate amount.  Expecting an argument, I called the 800 number again.  The first woman who answered the phone listened to my story and promptly, without my asking, transferred me to a supervisor.  The supervisor took down the 2 additional serial numbers, told me to feel free to use the $100 rebate we had already received, and promised the remaining $400 would show up in 2 weeks.  No arguments and no issues.

Great job, GE.

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