New Promotion

I have reported about previous promotions for a while now.  Generally, they have been for existing lenders and involve some form of 1-4% “rebate” on manual bids made to “Featured Listings”.

This week however, seems to be taking a cue from LendingClub and is looking to boost new lenders, not just get existing lenders to invest more.  This promotion is on top of the still running 4% rebate on Featured Listings.  The new promotion is open to new lenders only, here is what you get:

Anyway you slice it, this is basically a “2% to 3% bonus” on your initial funds invested.  Assuming you would have bought the items in question anyway.

Prosper Promotion Ipad


Please note, I am a lender and of affiliate of both and LendingClub.  You can read about my experiences here.

Important: peer-2-peer lending involves risk and is anything but a “sure thing”.  Consider reading all of the following links before investing and be sure to only invest an amount that is appropriate for you:


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