Pandora (P) IPO – Where Have We Seen This Before?

Is it just me, or does this chart and IPO price action look very familiar?

Pandora IPO Chart

Today Pandora (P) had their IPO.  Shares were priced at $16, but if you were the general public you had to get it around $20 this morning.  Unfortunately, the “got to own this stock now” crowd quickly ran the stock up to $25.58.  Where is it trading now?  About $18.70So if you bought at the top of that opening pop, you are now down $6.80 a share or down about 25%!

For reference, here is how you are now doing if you bought LNKD on the opening pop:


Is it any wonder companies like Groupon, Facebook and others are rushing to get their IPOs done?  Please be careful with this potential “Internet 2.0 bubble”.

Update: The Slope of Hope has made a similar observation, with more charts.


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