Pandora’s Stock Is Not Looking So Hot

Cue the shareholder lawsuits in 3, 2, 1 …

Yesterday we posted about Pandora’s IPO and how the price action looked very similar to LinkedIn (LNKD).  Unfortunately, things just went from bad to worse.  The stock is down again hard today, with shares plunging almost 25% just today!

I think the “Investing Wisely” lessons learned here are simple:

  • The current wave of “Dot Com 2.0” IPOs are very risky at best
  • I would avoid being an early buyer of any future IPO such as Facebook or Groupon
  • Don’t try to “catch a falling knife”, based on fundamentals some analysis are calling for Pandora to got o about $5.80 a share!

Sick Pandora Chart


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