Our Mission

Our Mission

Note: We are currently in beta, in the future we look to have daily content, guest authors, forums and more.  We appreciate your input and contributions.


The Below Your Means Manifesto:

Living below your means is the only true path to prosperity and happiness. Frugality is the new cool. Concepts like “fake it until you make it” and “keeping up with the Jones’s” are both dated and dangerous.

Through the formation of savings and the management of expectations within ones means, one is able to afford to have fun, live life fully and live without the perpetual stress of debt. Debt is a modern form of slavery and we believe that everyone has the right to be free.

Why a New Money Blog?

Looking across the blogosphere, there are plenty of money sites out there. However:

  • Many are just massive corporate sites and are too impersonal / inaccessible
  • Many of the larger ones are too tied to traditional perspectives to let you know what’s coming and to help you read between the lines
  • Many are just “coupon sites” and are great if you are looking for a deal, but don’t help with the other challenges of living below your means
  • Many are too focused on stocks, economics, trading, etc. making them perfect for day traders, but not so good for everyone else.
  • Many are too politically nutty to be relevant on a day to day basis
  • Many are scams and “get rich quick schemes” , trying to sell you books, DVDs, and seminars.

On top of this, none speak to directly to the needs those that currently live below their means and those that want to get there. If you currently live within your means you probably want to learn about:

  • Protecting your wealth
  • Investing and building wealth
  • Living richly – Spending where it matters and saving where it doesn’t.
  • Understanding what’s important and getting a great price for it.
  • Enjoying your success
  • Increasing your means

If you are on your way to living below your means you probably want to learn about:

  • Building wealth
  • Getting out of debt
  • Managing expectations
  • And everything else noted above

Because of all this, we created BelowYourMeans.com; a money blog for the rest of us. We hope you find this site informative, useful and entertaining. We hope that it speaks to your needs and helps you live your life to its fullest while balancing your budget and building wealth. We welcome your feedback and contributions.