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A little bit of “want”…

Welcome to my new blog. A blog that I have dedicated to the best advice my parents ever gave me “live below your means”. These words are more than just a phrase, they are actually a way of life. While some are excited by the purchase, I and others like me are excited by the deal and by benefits of living frugally.

Living below your means and in turn living richly, is all about balance. It’s not about saving every penny and dying a wealthy old miser that never had a day of fun in their lives. It’s also not about living paycheck to paycheck like there is no tomorrow. It is about the balance between the two and the countless micro decisions you make throughout your life that will determine on which side of that scale you life. A little bit of “want” never hurt anybody and the hard working pursuit of that “want” is the cornerstone of a healthy and sustainable society. Instant gratification, free unlimited credit for all and maxing yourself out is the other extreme of communism and Hedonism. Embrace the balance.

My goals for this blog are simple:

  • Share my thoughts, stories and ideas about living richly and below ones means

  • Help others to enjoy the benefits of living below their own means

  • Help restore the global economic system, by educating people on the benefits and risks of debt and how living below ones means actually (in the long run) betters the world at large
  • In the spirit of this blog and to kick off my first post, I will leave you with this simple but true system to get out debt.