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Below Your Means Zen: It Takes Hard Work

And now a Below Your Means moment of Zen:

While helping the tradesmen working on my house this week, I learned that they are having trouble hiring.  A lot of trouble.  “The economy is so bad, but nobody wants to work anymore.  They just want to make a quick buck.”  I heard this from more than one company.

Trades are noble pursuits.  Perhaps our economy is boom-and-bust because we have forgotten that the best way to create value is to bring something new into existence with our own hands.  Labor of any kind, but especially physical labor, is beneath no one, regardless of station.  How can you improve your life if you’re not willing to do what it takes to seize the opportunities in front of you?


Below Your Means Zen: A Bottle of Rocks

And now for a Below Your Means moment of Zen:

Recently my son performed in a school play.  The teachers who organized the play had the great idea of having a ‘cast party’ for the kids in the playground behind the school.  We parents ate snacks, chatted, and watched our kids.   Their favorite party toy – taking an empty water bottle and filling it with rocks.  It was a maraca, a weapon, a simulated waterfall, a physics experiment, and who knows what else.  To me it was a great lesson that kids value experimentation and great experiences over stuff.  They’re on to something.

Below Your Means Zen: My Favorite Pot Lid Is Broken

And now for a Below Your Means moment of Zen:

My favorite pot lid is broken.  It’s a glass lid that goes over a small stockpot – perfect for boiling up a serving or two of pasta.  The lid has a dent in it.  It’s a perfect little dent that lets steam escape without the pot boiling over, and when it comes time to drain the pasta, if I make sure the dent is at the bottom when I tip the pot over, the water all drains out without needing to use a colander.