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Apparently We Don’t Have Enough Fraud at Home; We Import It Too

Clare Baldwin of Reuters ran an interesting article yesterday describing the swagger of two investors attending DealFlow Media’s annual conference, who say they are making a fortune shorting the stocks of fraudulent Chinese companies.  The conference dealt with so-called “reverse mergers” in which a (usually larger) private company is able to become public without going […]

Below Your Means Zen: It Takes Hard Work

And now a Below Your Means moment of Zen: While helping the tradesmen working on my house this week, I learned that they are having trouble hiring.  A lot of trouble.  “The economy is so bad, but nobody wants to work anymore.  They just want to make a quick buck.”  I heard this from more […]

Pandora’s Stock Is Not Looking So Hot

Cue the shareholder lawsuits in 3, 2, 1 … Yesterday we posted about Pandora’s IPO and how the price action looked very similar to LinkedIn (LNKD).  Unfortunately, things just went from bad to worse.  The stock is down again hard today, with shares plunging almost 25% just today! I think the “Investing Wisely” lessons learned […]

Frugal Fail: Can You Put The Bags I Bought In a Free Bag?

  Not only are we into spending wisely and saving money, but we are also into saving the environment.  Unfortunately, I don’t see how fancy biodegradable bags do either.  For those of you that live in areas with community composting or yard/food waste pickup, you need some sort of of biodegradable bag to put your […]

Frugal Fun – Dinosaurs Are a Steal

Reuters reported yesterday about three dinosaurs skeletons (one pair and one lone) that sold at auction run by Heritage Auctions — the pair, an Allosaurus and Stegosaurus found together, for $2.75M and the single, a 19-foot long Triceratops, for $675,000.  The article is interesting for anyone who finds dinos interesting (yours truly, for certain).   It […]

Pandora (P) IPO – Where Have We Seen This Before?

Is it just me, or does this chart and IPO price action look very familiar? Today Pandora (P) had their IPO.  Shares were priced at $16, but if you were the general public you had to get it around $20 this morning.  Unfortunately, the “got to own this stock now” crowd quickly ran the stock […]

New Promotion

I have reported about previous promotions for a while now.  Generally, they have been for existing lenders and involve some form of 1-4% “rebate” on manual bids made to “Featured Listings”. This week however, seems to be taking a cue from LendingClub and is looking to boost new lenders, not just get existing […]